Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 19

Disclaimer: Self-love isn’t easy for anyone, but in a world that tells us that certain people/bodies/lives matter more, body shaming dis- proportionately affects those who don’t fit society’s “ideal” archetype of thin, cis, white and non-dis- abled. Nevertheless, I do hope ev- eryone can gain something from these words. Y ou look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the night, and you nod—great outfit! Your mascara’s a little smudged, but hey, it’s evidence of a day well spent, right? You start taking off your clothes, and suddenly your attention shifts to your nonexistent breasts and your love handles. That good feel- ing you had a few moments ago? A distant memory, like the dilut- ed cocktail you had after supper. Some bartenders are comedians, I tell you. Truth: We need to spend more time naked. How can we love something we hardly ever see? Long distance doesn’t work when it comes to your body. Get this: During a study conduct- ed by Glamour Health, 97% of the women said they’d had at least one “I hate my body” moment that day. Luckily, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Imagine looking at your body with unconditional love instead of hate. Imagine having sex with the lights on without worrying about how you looked. What if spending more time in the nude could help you achieve just that? What if all we needed to do was abandon our clothing? your head. Say something positive right after. Humor me. 2. Eat Stop treating your body like a stranger and do these seven liber- ating things when you’re naked. 1. Examine it Examining your body is vital, and not just for health reasons, like checking for moles or lumpy breast tissue. There’s a difference between examination and scru- tiny. When you scrutinize some- thing, you’re looking for something wrong. When you examine some- thing, you’re trying to get to know it more intimately. Your partner(s) shouldn’t know your body more than you do. The reason they do is because they appreciate your beauty more than you do. Well, that, and the fact that looking at the back of your own neck is quite hard. But I’m sure if you looked at your legs, you’d dis- cover a beauty mark you hadn’t yet noticed. Actionable step: Set the mood. This is a date, after all. Make sure your room is set to a comfort- able temperature. Light candles, if you’re into that sort of thing. Do what you need to get comfort- able. Now, strip down to nothing. Before going in front of the mirror, take baby steps. Look down and examine yourself this way. Try to find that beauty mark on your leg I mentioned earlier. Once you’ve conquered that step, step in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Yes, there are proba- bly certain things you don’t like, but smile anyway. Certain unkind thoughts may be running through Make yourself a nutritious meal and devour it, naked. Run your hands over your food belly and be thank- ful your intestines work and so do you (since you have money for said food). You know when you go to that all-you-can-eat buffet and wear baggy clothes, so your lumps and bumps aren’t on display? At home, you don’t need to do that. Be comfortable. Be comfortable with how your body stretches to accommodate nutrition. Actionable step: Pick a mentally stimulating television show and eat. You could also eat in silence, focusing on the flavors taking over your mouth. 3. Sleep Sleeping naked is comfortable. And after taking my shower at night, I must admit that I don’t feel like wearing clothes. It’s such a great feeling to take my shower, do my skincare routine, and collapse into soft, lightly scented sheets. Also, your private parts need air, as does the skin all over your body. Some studies have shown that sleeping naked can help you sleep better, as it lowers your body tempera- ture to a degree where sleeping is optimal. Actionable step: Tonight, I dare you to sleep naked. Or, you can take baby steps and sleep without pants on, then work your way to sleeping naked. 4. Meditate Your body is housing a magnificent 18