Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 12

Putting these restrictions on your- self will help reduce the likelihood that you’ll be subconsciously un- authentic during conversations and discussions. This will help you cultivate more meaningful rela- tionships. Live Events Some of my favorite entrepre- neurial memories are from the live events I’ve attended. Be sure to check out a mix of events too, not always the same topic or niche. Some of my favorites include Cre- ate + Cultivate, the Savvy Experi- ence, and Creative at Heart. newsletter you open religiously? Connect with these people! Some of my closest “business friends” are friends I made by commenting on Instagram or sim- ply saying thank you for all the in- credible information they share. Partnerships Do you have an idea for your busi- ness but you don’t feel confident you could execute it alone? Don’t! Work with someone to bring the project to life, whether it’s bringing accounting skills to your audience or collaborating on an e-course. twice the promotional power and twice the behind the scenes effort. There are many ways to create a sense of community in your busi- ness, even as a solopreneur. Be open to opportunities that come your way, start conversa- tions, and be willing to listen to others and opportunities to build relationships will flow naturally!  Honest Conversation Is there a fellow creative entre- preneur whose Instagram feed inspires you every day? Is there someone who was on your favor- ite episode of a podcast who chal- lenged you to take action? What about someone whose email The partnerships that I’ve worked on (and continue to work on) have not only brought a sense of com- munity to my business through having someone else to work with, but they’ve also brought in finan- cial wins represented by increased revenue on the project due to Hi there. I'm dannie. I am a marketing expert, business strategist, author, educator, whip-smart whiskey drinker, tattoo hoarder, airplane flyer, aggressive food segregator, ho- tel pen collector, and international speaker. Oh, and I also work at this little ol' place called Google. You are a passionate creator, a fierce wanderer, someone who chases your dreams with all your might. You seek out challenges if only to surmount them and you find yourself being grateful for every single day. Dannie Fountain 11   