Badassery Magazine June 2018 Issue 25 - Page 11

T he entrepreneurial world can be a lonely place. If you’re a solopreneur that doesn’t work in a co-working space, your social interaction can become ex- tremely limited. Even if you do work in a co-work- ing space or have a business part- ner, you’re still not being exposed to the same number of people as you would be at a typical corpo- rate job. Finding a community is important to help alleviate some of the symptoms of entrepreneur- ship, such as feelings of loneliness, depression, and uncertainty. Not only can community help you feel less alone, it can also help you keep from making some serious business mistakes and even pro- vide you with tons of free resourc- es! I’ve saved myself many business errors while scrolling through Facebook Groups like the Rising Tide Society or Savvy Business Owners. I look forward to getting my RTS Tuesdays Together PDF each month because there’s al- ways actionable content that lands in my inbox for free. The Savvy group introduced me to one of my favorite podcasts, Cre- ative Empire, and the Think Cre- ative Collective group introduced me to another, Smart Passive In- come. ness and that creates a strong sense of community. Being a member of these commu- nities also means we have access to free webinars, a myriad of blog posts on a variety of topics, and access to experts in many different areas of entrepreneurship. Facebook Groups I’ve even hired members of my team from these groups because we’ve connected on a personal level before chatting about busi- Where do you find such commu- nity? Try these ideas: Naturally, Facebook Groups are a great place to find community. Engage in groups without an ulte- rior motive (such as client mining, etc.). Participate in conversations without tagging your business or mentioning what you do (unless asked). 10