Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 64

with spiritual fluff, but truly sitting in the midst of the suffering and awakening to a new light. Crafting a new story that inspires others to do the same. Cool Creative Press’s tag line is “Choosing Fierceness.” It is this daily reminder that sparks the spiritual bad ass within! I’m a 30 something year old seeker who is determined to make this gorgeous life about serving others. And if I have an unwillingness to step into my grasping nature, how can I sit with others when they are grasping within the walls of their hearts? Let me get out my megaphone… “We are all in this together!” I desire to stand in the midst of my outdated beliefs so that I can grow in new ways. How about you? Can you muster even an ounce of willingness? As my dear teacher Yvonne shares, “Seek to know something new about yourself.” Aren’t you curious to re- author an old tale? It’s my experience that life is continually offering us the opportunity to see where it is that we suffer. Not so that we can judge and condone ourselves, but rather so that we can create a bit of space to see what we cling to. The secret ingredient in this recipe is compassion. There is treasured wisdom in our capacity to foster awareness and space. Space in the body. Space in between breaths. Space in between moments of living. In my life I acknowledge that I have clung to people, situations, happiness, results, etc. And I know that throughout my journey of life there is a propensity to ‘wake-up’ and ‘fall asleep’ each moment. It’s a practice not a perfect. It’s choosing our reactions. It’s noticing when we deviate and then offering ourselves the grace to ‘recalculate’ as our GPS systems so easily do. How about you and your life? As you breath in, can you feel your stance towards life? Can you shift your perspective to notice that all is impermanent? What are you currently fixated on? How is grasping blocking the flow of energy in your life? Who are you when you are not grasping? When I am not grasping, I am a bad- ass, empowered, inspired, creative, author goddess lover waving her wand and creating magic! And I also might just be busting a move to a good tune.  Sarah L. Dickey Sarah Dickey is a lover of life. Her enchantment with words began as a young girl, and she has continued to cultivate this devotion into adulthood. Throughout her life she has passionately pursued various paths of personal growth and professional development. Seeing the world through a spiritual lens is in the fabric of her being. She believes in dreaming big and living fiercely! Sarah is a heart centered hypnotherapist, transpersonal life coach, licensed counselor, published author, founder of Cool Creative Press, wanderlust heart, proud auntie and yoga instructor. Cheers to sweetly seeking and choosing fierceness!     64 • BADASSERY MAGAZINE