Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 63

my body from the inside out. That twisted slinky feeling dissipated as I channeled my best inner Molly Ringwald. I danced into a sweet spot where I wasn’t searching for anything other than this moment and then the next. As the song ended my eyes fixed on a point on my shelf and I Buddhism.’ It was in these pages that I found an echo of truth to share not only with my class, but with my own heart. As I settled into the next several pages of this book, I found myself dissolving into a deep space of gratitude. Gratitude to be able to see that only moments ago I “WHEN THE BUDDHA WAS ASKED WHAT HE TAUGHT, HE OFTEN REPLIED, ‘I TEACH JUST TWO THINGS: SUFFERING AND THE ENDING OF SUFFERING.’” discovered the book I wanted to share, ‘Listening to the Heart; A Contemplative Journey to Engaged had been suffering and to also acknowledge that in the ne ȁɔ)$ݽձɽ䁉ՙɥ)%Ё͕́Ʌյ)ѥ]ѼѡɅ)ͥɔ̰͍аь)ѡݔЁ͕ٕ́ɽ)ѡ́Ʌ݅ٔQ)ܸQeeQ)ɬи̰ѡՅѥ)յ)'eЁ Ցаȁ͍) ՑʹЁ$)ѡЁ́ɍ䁍ѕѼ)ɽݥЁѡչɥ́)̰ёѕѽɥ̰)ٕɥ݅́͡ѡ)Q́Ё啅ȁ$չ%)AՉ͡ 䰁 ɕѥٔ)Aɕ̸%Ё́ѡ٥ͥѡ)ѼՉ͠)ѡ́ݡɔѕѼѡ)ѥٕɕ́٥)ݡ$ͅ䁱٥$х)ѡՙɥɹЁѼ)ɽ̸9Ёͥ))U1d