Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 59

safely and in a way that protected my career. Through everything I learned, I was able to confront the harassment in a way that my harasser apologized, changed his behavior, and we were able to work together for years after. Now, I know that it is possible to create a healthy work environment and end sexual harassment without quitting. Here are three tips from what I learned: First, Going Along with Bad Behavior Encourages It. If you were taking care of a toddler who was having bad behavior – say he’s hitting other kids and stealing cookies – it would encourage him to continue that behavior if you laugh at it, ignore it, and then leave “HARASSMENT HAPPENS IN A MOMENT, BUT OUR THOUGHTS ABOUT IT CAN CONTINUE ON FOR YEARS.” the playground so he can have more space. Often, this is exactly what we do, though, with ^X[\\Y[ [HX[ۂH^Yܛ[ \؜H[HY\[^Yܛ[\H\B\HYX[YH\H][œXHHYX[YˈY][Y\]X^HHHYX\[ۋ[XXو\\›XZH]X\[ۈ܈\[\]X][\؜XZ\[ܙBXH܈\\\\] [[HX]H\]YZ][܏\\]X][ۂX[HY\[”Xۙ \ܚY\X]B\\Y[\HH[Z[[\ \\Y[\[[B[Y[ ]\YX]][۝[YHۈ܈YX\ˈHٝ[YH]^HY[]^H]\Y[HX]HX]]B\\Y[YX[X][N^H[Y][]\Bܛۙ][K[[^B\YHX][\ܛۙ][K\Y[\X]K^H[ۈH\\Y[[]\Hۙ\[H[\Xۈ[KSH N8( N