Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 58

3 TIPS TO CLEAN UP A Toxic Work Environment AND END HARRASSMENT NOW by Meredith Holley W hen Anna came to me, she had been ignoring sexual harassment for almost a year. She justified her boss’s inappropriate and aggressive behavior, saying it was probably a cultural misunderstanding or an age difference. Every time something happened, she was in shock. “This couldn’t really be happening,” she thought. she felt pressure to support her children and to prove she could be financially self-sufficient. She kept ignoring and justifying her boss’s behavior because she didn’t want to deal with it. She thought her only options were to ignore it, to create a huge conflict, or to leave and lose this job opportunity. An exceptionally smart, capable woman, Anna “I KNOW THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO CREATE A HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT AND END SEXUAL HARASSMENT WITHOUT QUITTING.” She didn’t want to give up her job, which promised much more money than her previous job. Because of a recent divorce, 58 • BADASSERY MAGAZINE was never taught that there are safe, simple ways to end sexual harassment and advance in her career. Like many of us, it didn’t even occur to her that was a possibility. Unfortunately, Anna came to me after things had already gotten physically dangerous for her and she had quit the job. The harassment made a huge impact on her life because she was never taught how to end it safely. Some women naturally understand how to end sexual harassment safely, protect themselves, and advance in their careers. I was not one of those women, so if you are not either, I got you. When I encountered sexual harassment, I was not willing to just give up on my career to get away from my boss, so I researched, read, went to trainings, talked to professors, and did whatever I could do to learn how to end sexual harassment