Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 52

weaknesses, in order to keep your insecurities at bay. Keep in mind that many times non-action has more of an impact than acting negatively and determine to connect with others and touch lives in a positive way. Then, and only then will your true reflection of self-value be mirrored to others and your empowerment like your badassness will sparkle.  Alexandra Dolce Alexandra Dolce believes that the rule of law is the foundation of permanent legal reform and sustainability in developing countries. As such, she uses her legal, adjudicative, business and conflict mitigation skills to help NGOs, government entities and various stakeholders implement and establish strong legal reform through project management, education and consultation. She is a graduate of Howard University, Temple University School of Law, and Norwich University School of Graduate Studies. She is licensed to practice law in three jurisdictions.   52 • BADASSERY MAGAZINE