Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 51

don’t value yourself enough to respect yourself and others, you will never be empowered because people won’t respect and value you. I agree, many times those who disvalue women are not conscientious enough to recognize the greatness that you possess. However, on the flip side, do we ever stop to think how we are contributing to our own demise? I have been to many functions, social and professional, where women act catty, lack etiquette, dress inappropriately for the occasion, etc., and become vehemently upset because people are not treating them with the respect “NEVER FORGET YOUR HUMANITY AND THE DIGNITY THAT ALIGNS THAT HUMANITY WITH STRENGTH AND COURAGE.” they believe they deserve. I always want to ask “do you think this person is being disrespectful to you because of who they are or because of who you are projecting yourself to be? Ladies, never forget your humanity and the dignity that aligns that humanity with strength and courage. Believe in your strength(s) and use them wisely. Also, know and understand your JULY 2018 • 51