Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 48

of your body. Breathing in through your nose and expelling the breath out through your mouth. Lastly complete 20 seconds of body-awareness: Allow your awareness to now spread and feel it all over your body, observing it from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Mainly focusing on the centre area between your eyebrows, throat, heart, chest, stomach, and bottom of your spine. The posture stage creates a suitable foundation for the meditation, a receptive body that would then invite awareness inwards. Followed by the breathing stage to create a focal point, which draws your awareness away from your entangled thoughts. And finally, the awareness stage, allowing you to come in touch with whatever is going on in your body. All of these feelings and sensations combined reflect your reaction to life and practising observation of them will allow your reactions to subside. Try it, and don’t give in after a couple of attempts, you wouldn’t give up learning to drive after two lessons because you haven’t passed your test yet, the same applies here we master it with patience, practise and perseverance. Once you’ve cracked the 60-second meditation, you can begin to explore other types of meditation until you find one that suits your circumstances and you find works for you. Meditation is a very personal thing and can help anyone. It definitely isn’t just about dropping into silence in an uncomfortable yoga pose. You can mediate in the shower, whilst running, whilst eating or drinking, you just need to bring your focus, complete attention and awareness to the activity and learn how to prevent your mind from drifting. Put simply meditation is yoga for the mind, so I guess I do know how to do yoga after all. When you learn to focus your attention in a conscious state, with people, objects, tasks and really be present and aware you will begin to observe how much more you enjoy food and drink, conversation, books, working, people, nature. It’s time to switch off the auto-pilot sub-conscious and be present. It’s time to stop procrastinating, get focused and be proud to let people know you meditate for productivity. Meditation isn’t just for spiritualists and yoga experts. It’s for everyone, and can be practised any time, any place, anywhere. Warning! - Meditation will make you a focused badass!  It's taken me 47 years to become an overnight success and “so lucky” according to many people I speak to. The truth is I have lived a life full of adverse events and setbacks, which I have had to find the inner strength and power for and learn to overcome. I kept moving forward in the belief that life was not meant to be that way Jo Gilbert 48 • BADASSERY MAGAZINE I am now a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of Strength & Power and support entrepreneurs globally combining traditional business tools and techniques with personal development tools including Visualisation, Goal Setting, Mindfulness and Meditation.  