Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 47

I am a Meditation Freestyler, the easiest way to describe this would be it is simply ‘the practise of exercising consciousness’. I’ve basically learnt how to switch off the auto pilot sub-conscious decision making and be so much more aware of when I am becoming distracted, not paying attention, not appreciating something for all its worth e.g. work, food, drink, conversation, a movie, many things. Just as physical exercise is important for your body to maintain physical health, the same would apply to exercising your mind, to maintain mind and mental health. Meditation and conscious mindfulness really has helped to elevate my life and my businesses. If time is a constraint for you and would be your typical excuse for not meditating, I would just like to are great for instant stress relief and re-focus, I’m sure we can all find 60 seconds! “MEDITATION HELPS ME TO FOCUS ON THE JOB AT HAND, MAKING ME A PRODUCTIVITY BADASS.” challenge you on that perception if I may. This was my argument, I had no time to meditate, I couldn’t find a quiet spot in the house, there were too many distractions, excuse after excuse. Then I discovered, that there are thousands of different mediations you can do, and I was surprised to learn that you can actually meditate anywhere, at any time. There are even 60 second meditations which Here’s what you need to do: Firstly, for 20 seconds Focus on Posture: Sit up straight with your back, neck and jaw parallel with floor. Allow your shoulders and jaw to soften and relax and close your eyes. Next, allow for 20 seconds of breathing awareness: Focus now on your breathing and become aware, as the air flows in and out JULY 2018 • 47