Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 43

attention, as well as your incredible endurance as I bombard you with such frightful drivel on a monthly basis. You should receive a medal. Or perhaps hazard pay. Anyway, without further ado - or any “ado” now that I think on it; this is an ado-free zone - allow me to proceed to the gravimen of my text. Many of us consider ourselves self-taught or “autodidactic” in our chosen careers. We’re usually referring to the fact that we have not had any formalized training in a specific field. For example, I’ve often referred to myself as being self-taught in the area of writing. I’ve never gone to university for a degree in English or Journalism, nor have I even been to a creative writing workshop. (Some may “WE'VE ALL COME ACROSS PEOPLE WHO HAVE INFLUENCED OUR WORK, WITHOUT TRULY REALIZING THAT THIS IS JUST ANOTHER FORM OF EDUCATION.” Ladies and gentlehumans, do you consider yourself to be self-taught? suggest this is painfully obvious.) As a result, I’ve had to improve my literary skills by personal research, voracious reading and of course, writing, editing and writing some more. Excluding myself in the interest of modesty, there is certainly a lot to admire about people who choose to forgo formalized training to blaze their own trail. It takes focus and discipline to jump into a field with no idea of what you’re doing. It’s messy, and often takes longer to see results. In some fields, there’s a struggle to gain credibility when you don’t have a diploma / degree / etc. All in all, it’s a difficult road to follow. But are people who go this route truly self-taught? I’m not so sure. I think the term is something of a misnomer. For example, in my own JULY 2018 • 43