Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 35

your customers and improve their experience. You may be thinking, “Yeah, sure. I have a Facebook page so I’m already doing community marketing.” Bad news. Facebook pages do not provide the community forum- like environment necessary to facilitate highly-engaged interaction between members and you as a brand. In fact, from an article on Social Media Examiner, some studies show around 90% of users never return to a Facebook Business Page once they click the ‘Like’ button. This means that page you work so hard to maintain isn’t cutting it as a community. It’s missing one crucial element — the ability for community members to initiate their own conversations. Remember, it isn’t all about business-customer interaction; community members want to connect with each other, too. BETTER TOGETHER Community marketing makes the biggest impact on revenue when your community strategy is aligned with your content and optimization strategies. When aligned, the three become the ultimate marketing trifecta —the Cadillac of sales funnels, if you will. Some of the high-value content you create, including blog posts, videos, livestreams, podcasts, ebooks, white papers, e F2G&w2VRFW"6VGvRFW"vЧfVR6FVB2f&RǒF6VGV&W'2vV6FVBF֗F@6VG&R6&VBBǐFFW&V6R&RVffV7FfRFW6&V6RFW&FWVFVBvV6VGVvvVV@2vrgFVFR6W6RBFPVƗGBg&WVV7b6FV@&GV6VBvV6VGw&wF2FV6ƖrFR7V&B0G6ǒ"6FVBF֗Fखb6W2&R6vrFvfW&gFRVffV7FfVW72bW"62F7F6VG2r67BvǒVffV7FfRV6VV@7G&FVwFBw2R2'W6W72vW"F&V7B66W70FW"7W7FW"&6RF&Vv6fW'6FB6V7Fv&r2FW&FWVFV@FV6FVBF֗F@6VG6&RFGG&7BWp7W7FW'2vRGW&rW7FpW2F&frf2vVBRƖRFV&pF7VFfFRVG&VvvV@6VG7Fr6VG2ƖR7Fr'Gv60rvRB&F76W'vPfRw&vW"f6V&w&WF&V6RvǒVvvV@6VGbfW"3&F76W2vR6&RbW"6V7&WG2W"Wr7FW'7FWwVFPBv&&&F76W'7GP6VGvWBW"6r@&F76W'r67V'bR&Rrf vF&7FW"W"&WFpVff'G2'VFr6VG6VB&Rf'7BW"Ɨ7BशF&6W76VशF&6W76V2FR6fVFW"b&F76W'vRBFR6ֆ7BbFR&F76W'F67B6R6G'Vǒ6VRFRvgBFW'2vVFW6( BF2FV7VFfFr6RB67G&FVv6ǒ&'FW FVFƖfRvV6^( 2B'W76V7FrFW"VG&W&VWW'2vFf'VW2WW&V6W2R6fBW"&VpfVGW&VBuF2&BEbVW&W2FW'fWw2BF67G2F276FR&WBvrvR&PB7FWrFFR7FƖvBW7B2R&R&F76W'r6Ю("Z(92ZTŒ#( "3P