Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 32

HOW COMMUNITY COMPLETES THE ULTIMATE Marketing Trifecta ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS, RETAIN EXISTING ONES, AND MAKE MORE MONEY. by Kathy Rasmussen T housands, if not millions, of articles exist in the nether of the interwebs praising the marketing efficacy of content marketing. Businesses produce high-value content to educate, inspire, or entertain their audiences essential, writing a post, producing a video, or publishing a podcast will do nothing to increase your revenue if no one knows it exists, no matter how well made and valuable it is. Content only works if it is distributed and discovered. This is where optimization “COMMUNITY MARKETING IS A STRATEGY THAT INVOLVES FORMING AN ENGAGING BRAND PRESENCE IN ORDER TO INTERACT WITH A COMMUNITY OF EXISTING CUSTOMERS.” in order to generate leads that will eventually convert into revenue. Even though content creation is 32 • BADASSERY MAGAZINE comes into play. Content must be optimized depending on the distribution platform so your target audience can find it, devour it, and want to consume more. Though all of this is very important to making money, this isn’t an article about how you can optimize your content for discovery. No, this is an article about supercharging your content marketing strategy by adding community marketing to the mix. What is community marketing, you ask? Allow me to explain. According to marketing-schools. org, “Community marketing is a strategy that involves forming an engaging brand presence in order to interact with a community of existing customers.” This ‘engaging brand presence’ is a combination of high-value content and thoughtful communication in order to guide the conversation in a strategic way.