Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 29

roll). It can be five minutes before getting out of bed using a guided meditation. You can use the Calm app on a phone or ask Alexa to “open guided meditation”. I use that at night when I can’t get back to sleep. Just give yourself five minutes before you start your day. Set your intentions for the day, send it out to the Universe that you are looking forward to your day flowing with grace and ease. Expect that. If it falls apart, let it fall apart with grace and ease. Disconnect from devices. I am not talking all weekend or even a day. One hour. Turn it off. Step away. Let your phone recharge its batteries while you recharge yours. Start with whatever amount of “LET YOUR PHONE RECHARGE ITS BATTERIES WHILE YOU RECHARGE YOURS. START WITH WHATEVER AMOUNT OF TIME YOU CAN HANDLE.” time you can handle. When I was working for a company, my mind was hard wired to my work phone. I constantly checked it after hours just in case I missed something. Then work became my life and when I no longer had that job, my life went with it. I had to get back to me, rediscover the things I LIKED doing, not just relying on my job as life. Put down the phone, unless you are a doctor on call, it will be fine. Remember in the midst of all of this, have some fun. Life can get hard, but you can still have fun. JULY 2018 • 29