Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 28

FINDING BALANCE WHEN CARING FOR Loved Ones DEALING WITH OVERWHELM AND GRIEF DURING THE EMOTIONAL TASK OF BECOMING A CAREGIVER. by Sandra Durbin E veryone talks about finding balance, well, not everyone. It’s mostly women who talk about finding balance in their lives. Marriage. Kids. Work. And now caring for our aging parents. Wait, I didn’t sign up for this! In an already busy world, caregivers find they have to add one more “SET YOUR INTENTIONS FOR THE DAY, SEND IT OUT TO THE UNIVERSE THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR DAY FLOWING WITH GRACE AND EASE.” thing into the mix. It can be a daunting adventure, thrown into a world that you didn’t want to have to think about, yet live in on a daily basis. Learning new terminology, juggling doctor appointments, yours, your kids, and now moms. Before becoming a caregiver, you were probably pretty wobbly on the balance beam of life, now it seems, you will never stick the landing. First things first, I am not going to say, take time for yourself because that is what everyone says and the first thing you will do is roll your eyes and say “yeah, right”. (Admit it, you just did exactly that!). I am however going to say, MAKE TIME for yourself. (Insert eye 28 • BADASSERY MAGAZINE