Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 26

Plus, you don’t have to continuously sell yourself as much or convince others of the benefit of hiring you. Your website can do a lot of that leg work..., all you have to do when they email you or jump on the phone with you, is close them. ALLOWS YOU TO INSPIRE AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION Your website can be a visual representation of your soul’s genius, and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you treat it as a sacred space, one in which every part is exquisitely arranged to clearly convey your brand’s distinct essence, you can draw in your audience further... ...enticing them to get to know your business more. There is a potential to visually invoke countless emotions, which can inspire a stronger bond between you and your audience. further captivate your audience -- whether that’s people who stumble upon you for the first time or have been in your circle for a while., they get to know and resonate with you on deeper levels, growing more open to investing in your potent work. This does not make a website a must for success, but it’s an amazing tool for faster connection. It’s not the WHOLE answer, but ONE special piece of the puzzle. Treat your website as your virtual sanctuary, one in which you can fully be your true self a nd create a magical, welcoming experience for your tribe. TO WRAP IT UP... Having a well thought-out website, in which you are intentional about each element, align it to your own (or your brand’s) unique energy, and visually communicate what you’re all about, IS a robust way to If what’s holding you back from creating your virtual masterpiece is a fear of the technology, a lack of time or skill, or the uncertainty of how to express your magic through your brand and website, hire a professional to help you show up in the best light possible.  Alegna Moss Alegna is a Brand & Website Alchemist, an Intuitive Designer, a Magical Creatrix, and Business Muse. Her passion is working with awakened women who have great vision, but need help grounding and birthing their ideas. She works with women entrepreneurs in service-based niches, guiding them to build an authentic web space of their own, so they can grow and nurture a soul-aligned business that supports their dream lifestyle. Alegna strongly believes that entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to create the freedom that lets you dance to the beat of your own drum and serve your purpose, while creating a comfortable living. Learn more about Alegna’s work and how she can help you create a soul-aligned brand at   26 • BADASSERY MAGAZINE