Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 18

IMAGE ISN'T EVERYTHING, BUT Identity Is KNOWING WHO YOU ARE MAKES IT EASIER TO STOP JUDGING OTHERS. by Amanda Russo I mage isn’t everything. Although try telling that to one of the Kardashians who has built an empire on image alone. I’m sure KKW would argue that there’s a certain creative talent and skill to crafting such an image, which would make it more of an art (subjective) than a science (objective). And to an artist, their craft IS everything. I see that passion every day in my OMG. I think I just convinced myself that the Kardashians are artists. And relevant. Excuse me while I go cower in a corner and question everything I thought I knew about the world. OK, I’m back. Here’s how I reconcile myself with the first paragraph. Image isn’t everything…but identity is. Your image is something that can be crafted to support your “YOUR IMAGE IS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE CRAFTED TO SUPPORT YOUR IDENTITY...BUT IT DOESN’T WORK IN REVERSE. ” clients, and it’s part of what drives my mission to help them defiantly thrive. 18 • BADASSERY MAGAZINE identity, and it absolutely should; but it doesn’t work in reverse. Identity cannot be manufactured. Identity is collective. Identity is the sum of the parts. Identity is the recording artist, while image is just one of the tracks on its album. The sound of each album changes over time to reflect the evolution of the artist, which is something that happens naturally, without man- made interference. Image is an art; identity is a science. So, if image is an art, it’s easy to see how the world of influencers has emerged, with the help of predominantly visual social media platforms like Instagram. I admit, I was not the biggest fan of Instagram in the beginning. As a Gen X-er who grew up with MySpace, and eventually Facebook, I was accustomed to lots of WORDS and EXPLANATION in my friends’ profiles. Explain to me who you are so that I won’t misjudge you. And then show me