Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 12

yourself first. I know it sounds cliche, but at the core, it is absolutely necessary. Take a moment and reflect on the course of your day. Did you wake up rushed and over-stimulated by everything going on around you or did you wake up peaceful, feeling in control of your time? If you could wake up uninterrupted every morning, what would be the first thing you would do? Then do it. Another way of making a decision is by realizing that you do not have to have it all figured out before you even start. This just creates overwhelm and paralysis. Sometimes I think we spend too much time getting ready to get ready that we never take the necessary action. Instead, make the decision, then take action daily with good faith in the process. Finally, another way of making a decision on what it is that you want is by surrounding yourself with those who want the same thing and are in action to get it. It is impossible to align with something if most people you surround yourself with do not understand it or do not believe in it. It is natural for humans and relationships (of all kinds) to evolve, and either everyone grows together or apart. If you get excited by something or someone who shares an opportunity with you to be yourself, grow yourself, free yourself, and live your best life, then make the decision to go all in! The best of things in life are truly as they seem, and when you just decide, breakthroughs happen and life flows more effortlessly. If you find value in what I have to share with you or would like to collaborate, please follow me on Instagram @bestobsessed and Facebook: Jennifer George-Best Obsessed.  Jennifer George An inspiring personal blogger, network marketing professional, and physiotherapist who wakes up every morning with a relentless obsession to live her best each day. I want to leave this world knowing that I have had an impact and made others feel their best when they were around me. My mission is to empower others to be obsessed with their lives and to support their desire to live freely through their passion for health, wellness, fitness, and leadership.    12 • BADASSERY MAGAZINE