Badassery Magazine July 2018 Issue 26 - Page 11

into contact with health and wellness enthusiasts who are at a crossroads in their lives. Either this crossroad is health-related, fitness- related, spiritually-related, wealth- related, or inspiration-related. They have the foresight to know that if they continue to stay where they are, nothing will change and as a result, nothing will change. Yet, they also have the insight to know that if nothing changes, then they will continue to remain in a state of conflict and unhappiness. So, what gives? My belief is that they lack the ability to make the decision to go for what their soul desires when it desires it. I can point this out because I am the exact same way. They over think (is this for real?), they over-complicate (how is this going to work for me?), they self-sabotage (what if “ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. I KNOW IT SOUNDS CLICHÉ, BUT IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY” I cannot maintain success?), they worry about what others will think (what will my partner think?), they feel selfish (if I do this for me, who will suffer?), they fear failure (what if I let my coach or family down?), they lack trust (am I just being sold something?), they lack belief (is this too good to be true?), and they doubt themselves (who am I to think I can actually do this?). One way I have been able to make a decision to go for what I want is by realizing that there is no wrong decision in life. There is always an opportunity to change directions and that if this is the right path for me, my health and level of excitement will reflect it. If you have read my previous posts, you would know that I believe health and wellness is in everything. For instance, if you are not where you want to be in your career, it will show itself in your physical and mental health. Which brings me to my second point, always take care of JULY 2018 • 11