Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 59

R emember being told to “think happy thoughts”? We were taught at a very young age, that when the shiz hits the fan, you think happy thoughts, everything is bubbles and unicorns, then you fly off to be happily ever after. So tell me… Has there been ANY point in time that theory has worked for you? I’m just going to go with NO on that one, because you can’t just fake your way into joy. Happy thoughts alone, don’t hit you in the pit of your stomach and make you burst with pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, you are a Divine Feminine Goddess and you were born with some badass magical powers! You just aren’t using them right. If you were able to live in your sweet spot - that energy you feel when you’re out with your girlfriends, listening to your favourite tunes, and just really loving life - you could make your dreams come true all day long! that is the complete opposite of the ‘sweet spot’. It’s what par- ents of infants call the witching hour. In my house, we call it the “Hellfire & Brimstone” time and it happens right around dinner time. When you focus on your desires from the place of appreciation and gratitude, you are calling in all the good stuff - saying “more please” to all of the things you are loving and appreciating. Let me paint the picture for you: The trouble is - we don’t live in the sweet spot. We live in a world full of chaos, stress and anxiety everywhere. We have deadlines at work, breakdowns, break-UPS, messes to clean, family to man- age, and CHILDREN! It makes it hard to GET to that ‘sweet spot’ much less stay there! In fact, I have this time of day You’re exhausted from work and you’re either single or the spouse won’t be home any time soon - no tapping out yet! You just got home with the kids (let’s face it, you don’t get this level of chaos without them) The dog is obnoxiously excited to see you that you haven’t left him for dead and have in fact returned in time to feed him. The cats don’t give a shit so long as you don’t step on them. Bobby is picking Kate’s nose - he’s 3, boogers are still cool Kate is threatening Bobby with her blunt arts & crafts scissors 58