Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 56

Spell: Say this spell over the batter be- fore pouring it into the pans and baking the bread. Doing so is sure to enhance the magical properties of the herbs used. You may also say a spell over the batter if you want to infuse the bread with any specific properties. For example, the spell provided below focuses on bringing in prosperity but you could say a spell for healing, love or even to bring forth positive serendipitous events for those who consume the bread and your spell will take effect. With this batter oh so sweet May abundance I now meet I bake this bread with pure of heart Trusting my magic will now im- part Prosperity for all who enjoy This gift I bake without ploy With all the magic of three times three And So it is, Blessed Be I recommend baking this bread on Thursdays or during the New Moon for optimum effect when using the prosperity spell I know you will enjoy this deli- cious bread and prosperity will soon follow. I recommend keeping a record of how prosperity shows up in your life and telling those who eat it to be on the lookout for extra prosperity and abundance coming their way! I always love to hear your stories and comments…. reach out to me on my blog at or fol- low me on social media @The- FlourishingWitch for more spells, energy healing, and more!  About the Author Megan is an intuitive healer, witch, and tarot reader. When she isn’t playing with her fur babies, Megan loves to spend time in the mountains, cook delicious healthy food, create her custom lunar sprays for clients and spend time with her amazing husband Matt. 55   