Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 33

April Adams Pertuis April Adams Pertuis is the founder and creator of LIGHTbeamers — a highly engaged com- munity of women who are on a journey to tell their story. April uses her skills as a writer and video producer to teach others how to tap into their own personal story to shine a positive light in the world. Her philosophy is “everyone has a story” and she’s fascinated with getting to the Core of what that story is. April’s career spans more than 30 years as an award-winning jour- nalist whose work has appeared on CBS Television, HGTV, Food Network, Huff Post, Elephant Journal and numerous private industries where she ha 2FW'fWvVBFW6G2bVR@7&gFVBFV"7F'2&W7VBRbW"ff&FR6VG2b7F'FVƖr2V6rFPWRFvWFW"F7&gB6VƖrVFBVvgVW76vRFBFV6W2FW'2GFW"vBFR'W6W722vBFR&GV7B2vBFR6W'f6R2( BFRV'BbVP2v2vBGFW'2&VG2&WG&VG2Bv&62F&VvWBFRV"FFV6vЦVrFFVFV"7F'&RWFVF2v6FW6&V6&R7W7FW'2GG&7@Wr6ƖVG2w&rFV"VFV6RBVFFVǒFFFV"G'VRW'6vW"आW"GF2( vVvR6&RW"7F&W2vR6RW"ƖvN( ( BBW"v2FfR&PvV&6RWBW6RFV"f6RB6&R&RVǒFV"W&W6FBB7&PFW'2FFFR6R7F&W2&RFRvfVf'&2FB'VB6VGB&2֗76Fw&r6VGbĔtF&VW'2( B6&rFV"7F&W2B6rƖv@FFRv&BĔtF&VW'26АХ&VF62B6VG&RBfVBFR&BF&6RB&FW&RfVBFRF6W72bFPF&BFR6rbFRƖvBvFW&R&RFW&R&F2W'GV03