Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 32

Belle Lockerby Hey, Iā€™m Belle! My big girl pants on mission is to help busy women like you create productive brands. What does that mean, I hear you say? It means getting clarity on who your perfect customer is, solving their prob- lem, and owning your time like you are having contractions!! Oh, and building a business that meets your definition of success and plays to your strengths! ļŒŒ Tarah Abram is a designer, photo stylist, meditation teacher, advocate for holis- tic living and international best selling author. Tarah helps busy moms and mompre- neurs discover what they truly want and empowers them to get there. She under- stands the magical connection between mind, body and environment and how to align these elements to get women to where they are going. ļŒŒ ļŒ‰ 31 Tarah Abram