Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 31

Ashley Nicole Jones After losing her daughter to a terminal illness, Ashley Jones worked through grief to find joy again. Being a pho- tographer, she would donate portrait sessions to anyone she heard of fac- ing a terminal diagnosis as a way to love it forward. Ashley saw a need for something greater and created Love Not Lost, a nonprofit with a mission to celebrate life and support people in grief. She currently leads Love Not Lost with a vision to grow to a national level, while also speaking, guest-writ- ing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with her husband Kyle. Ivy Fivey, CFO Advisor and Managerial Accountant founded One Stop Consulting Shop, LLC, an accounting and tax practice in 2013. Working in public service for al- most 18 years and learning the personalities of the players, Fivey brings intuitive guid- ance to practical business planning. Fivey’s passion is helping bridge the gap between finance and operations by piecing together the puzzle of budgeting, business and tax- es. One Stop Consulting Shop, LLC serves clients in all states and offers all accounting services including bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, tax preparation, tax prob- lem resolution and QuickBooks Training/ Consulting. With a team of professionals and tax advisors by her side, Fivey uses her In-Touch Action Plan to get in touch with the needs of her clients while helping her clients get in touch with their business.  Ivy Fivey 30