Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 29

Nicole Isler Nicole Isler is a Personal Energy Specialist and Self-Empowerment Coach for Sensitives. With her 27 years in healthcare, psychic abilities and energy manage- ment techniques, Nicole offers a unique, holistic methodology that helps you live your absolute freedom. After years struggling in the Sensitive trenches, falling short on energy, progress and confidence – Nicole realized she was going about her life all wrong. She was living small and getting crushed. Looking for answers outside of herself was not working. Her belief that success would come if she worked hard enough proved to be a bust. Yet those experiences taught her the art of converting defeat into freedom. Her grand purpose came to life. Teaching you how to dominate your life is Ni- cole’s all-consuming obsession. You want what you want, how long are you will- ing to wait? Think you’d like to work with Nicole? Schedule a Power Chat. Talk about your goals and how you can reach them. Usually, it’s a lot of fun. If she can help you further, she’ll tell you how, but there’s no pressure. BBBBBBBB#;#;+B