Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 28

Accelerated Business Strategist Erin Strayer has always had her hand in business and health. Her sweet spot or, zone of genius, has evolved from multiple contractual endeavors, owning a multi-million dollar company and a career spending 24 years in level I Cardiac surgery, Erin quickly morphed and transitioned into a national medical consultant for physicians that led to start- up platform development; growth facilitating and vendor relations expert. Easily identifying holes and problem areas in these projects; developing strategic work arounds was easy. Erin Strayer Currently Erin elevates and leverages female en- trepreneurs to the next level teaching them how to position, price and deliver their amazing programs and services. Her signature program Journey 2 Empower U is where this intersection of greatness happens and opportunities are discovered! Focusing on the power within our minds she helps entrepreneurs find the sweet spot where all the an- swers lie, moving beyond the limits of fear by turn- ing their challenges into opportunities and shifting perspectives through her proven success cycle that she teaches her clients. Average doesn’t serve anyone, so why are you settling with 50%? Stop quitting on yourself, step into your potential and impact the world with your super power because untapped potential serves no one. Erin Strayer 27 