Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 27

O ne of the things we love most here at Badassery Magazine is seeing members of our community grow and thrive. This year, we are showcasing some total badass bosses who we know will be totally crushing it in 2018. We asked people in our community to nominate women (and a few men) who they know are making an impact by giving back, are community focused, and overall UNSTOPPABLE. Badass Women Allie Smith to watch in 2018 Yo, I'm Allie Smith. Solopreneur Coach + Tribe Builder + Visual Content Creator. I have a B.A. in Literature and Writing Studies and an M.S. in Instructional and Performance Technology (ba- sically adult learning with an emphasis in online learning, sounds super smarty pants, right?). I have worked with scientists, doctors and PhDs via strategy calls and ongoing professional training in mastermind groups to further their career and personal development. I’m wildly multi-passionate and my passions are mindful travel, craft coffee and creativity. One of my joys is working with clients to use their mes- sage to attract and build a fierce, loyal following. I also have an Instagram addiction. I read all my own email and I’d love to connect.     26