Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 24

normally 1-10%. Ummmm, what? I grabbed my phone to message Samantha: “Sam, I’m consistently converting at around 30%. What am I doing different- ly?” The response? “Maybe we should do a case study”. Just a joke? No, Sam was deadly serious. OK, let me take a step back and do a bit of research. I was shocked. It was true – conversion rates for female entrepreneurs were 1-10%, while males were converting a LOT higher. My brain was in overdrive AGAIN: if I can do this then why can’t everyone else? I looked at what I was doing and had to write it all down (seriously), be- cause it had come to me natural- ly: Show up in my group daily (well, live in there ) Be visible AF and just be ‘me’ – showing the good, bad & ugly Offer advice & support. Hand out all my tips, trick & hacks like it was candy. Offer freebies as often as I could. Give discounts to VAs who want- ed to work with me (but couldn’t really afford it), just so that I could help. Was this why my conversion rate was so high? All because of the amount of value and support I was offering? Damn right it was! October 2017: a full year since I started out... And I was ready for EVEN more... It was time to blow shit up and show what a fucking powerhouse I’d become. I’m not broken or desperate any- more... I’m no longer a ‘nobody’... I’ve got passion and drive in abundance... There’s a fire inside me... I’ve become an expert... Peo- ple actually want to listen to what I have to say... I could see so many of my biz buddies hustling their asses off to sell products and services, and barely seeing a return [or just a tiny conversion], so the concept for The Conversion Queens was born. My new mission? To fill the ‘hole’ I can see. I want EVERY female biz owner to be able to consis- tently convert at around 30%. SHARING what I know... Hand- ing out my knowledge [as it’s built into my DNA]. I am THE queen of conversions; but I want ALL of you to wear your very own glitter crown every single day! How am I going to do that? Well... that’s up to you to find out (). All you need to do is come and join me and I’ll throw so much glitter encrusted value your way that you won’t know what to do with it! I’ve got one last little thing I want to say... I AM the QUEEN of MY destiny. NOTHING will dull my SPARKLE again. Be honest AF with yourself for a moment, are you able to say the same?  About the Author Sian started her online adventures in October 2016. In that time, she has launched three busi- nesses (which she knows is crazy as hell): VA & OBM... VA Coach & Mentor... Conversion Queen. Passion, drive & determination and the healthy fear that failure was not an option, is what have made her so successful in 15 months! Sian has now added to her mission: to find a way to make all female biz owners a Queen of their conversions.     23