Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 20

All-in-all failure is just another word for exploration and I’ve done a lot of exploring in my biz and life. I know I don’t fit the mold and I don’t fit in the little box that I thought I wanted to fit in for so long. When you run your own business from soul you must know that the universe always has your back. No matter how far you feel like you are from the goal, you’re on the right track. rejections and setbacks because every time I’ve felt like I’ve want- ed to give up I’ve been guided to new extraordinary experiences. I’ve learned the setbacks and rejections are divine protection and redirection. I’ve learned to embrace rejection because it’s inevitable, people are going to re- ject what you offer, who you are and how you show up and that’s ok. It’s ok because as long as you believe in the work you are doing and as long as you continue to show up each day for your soul guidance you can and will show them all wrong. How? We’ll by being paid to be you of course. I’ve learned that parts of me need to die off to be reborn into the wild woman my soul is forev- er guiding me to be. Like Janet Fitch says, “the phoenix must burn to emerge.” That letting go is the most powerful way to let the universe fucking run the show. Failure has taught me that re- gardless of what other people see, think or say. I love all of me and that’s the kind of success that rocks my world. So here’s to you! It takes bravery to become an entrepreneur and start your own biz. Here’s to your vibrant success before, after and during all of your failures!  About the Author My overnight success looks a lot like 5-years of work, commitment, failure and dedication. I’m a Success Coach for Wild Women who are ready to RISE. These women are ready to rise out of being "nice and palatable" and ready to speak their truth without hesitation and become MAGNETIC AF for their dreams. I believe in the power of creating the successful life that WORKS for YOU. I spent years chasing someone else’s version of success only to come back to the foundational truth… It’s an inside job. I serve and support clients all over the world to overcome their own BS limiting beliefs and stand firmly in their wild, worthy and magical AF selves. 19   