Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 14

Consent is a precious and price- less gift, one offered as a symbol of earned trust. Abuse it at your peril. (I admit my view of this issue is a simplistic one, but then, what exactly was so complicated about issue in the first place?) ily from politicians) of "it's a complex issue" is simply a code- phrase for: "it's a messy social issue that will probably cost me votes so I'd rather not get in- volved." Political ambition and courage are not common bed- fellows in these modern times it would seem. Now at this point some bright spark will bring up the so-called "men's rights" groups that have been (quite loudly) making their views known. It would be easy to tar and feather these groups as ridiculous misogynistic radi- cals with an ax to grind against feminists. However, it would be unfair to paint all the people who join these groups as crackpots, as it would be wrong to paint the members of ANY group with the same brush. There have been discussions - not just shouting from angry men's rights groups - about sexu- al assault toward men. This is of course true. While the majority of cases hitting the headlines have been those of men mistreat- ing women, such forms of assault upon another are in no way limited to that scenario. Assault can happen in any combination of genders - male, female, trans, gay, lesbian, bisexual, gender fluid, etc. That said, these men's groups don't make it easy. The cry we often hear (primar- It could be said that one of the few truly inclusive activities in our society appears to be the as- sault and mistreatment of others. If that simple statement does not make you heartsick, may I respectfully suggest that you reconsider you priorities? Dear reader, you'll have to for- give me for being so laconic and even brusque about this, but the fact is, we're nearly 18 years into the 21st century and we're STILL arguing over issues that should have been resolved in the 19th century. Within so-called "complex" issues like these, one can often find simple truths. In this case, there is one that seems to stand out: Issues like these are only as "complex" as we decide they are. The time has come for us to de- cide... differently.  About the Author Mackenzie Clench is a writer, creative instigator, author, agent provocateur and part-time Lord of the Dance. He's also the CEO, Scribbler and Fuss Maker in Chief of Mackenzie Clench Creative, helping entrepreneur-shaped humans refine their messaging to draw a through-line from the heart of their business to the heart of the clients. Mackenzie regularly kicks over the apple cart of "that's-the-way- it's-always-been-done" and gives the copywriting cognoscente an- eurysms on a nearly daily basis. He believes that 1 + 1 = 3, women are the future and that the coolest dinosaur is the thesaurus. He's currently on a mission to show that every single human-shaped human on this big blue marble is a walking, talking, latte-sipping engine of creation. His desire to “rock around the Christmas tree” is directly proportional to the amount of eggnog he has consumed. 13   