Badassery Magazine January 2018 Issue 20 - Page 10

If I don’t notice things and write them down, I find that there is, somehow, even less TO write down. Now that you’ve read those statements carefully, you’ll want to notice where your money is going. No, this is not your run of the mill training where we calcu- late how many caramel frappu- cinos you need to be skipping in order to buy your yacht. I don’t care how many times you go to that coffee shop. Go. Drink. Add sprinkles. Treat yourself. What I do care about is that you are taking the time to appreci- ate those caramel frappuccinos with sprinkles. Take the time for gratitude towards those bills... these very same bills that allow you that Monday morning indul- gence, or the safety of a roof over your head or those $500 fillings that provide you with a healthy mouth. Whatever it is that your money is paying for, be GRATE- FUL for it. Be grateful for the x amount that is left over, and for the fire it might be lighting under your little dupa so you can get it in gear. Be grateful for the sprin- kles because they helped you to celebrate a brand new client and to feel luxurious in the process. Wherever that money went, take the time to thank it for doing its job for you. the rent comes due, because that means that you are able to live in a safe home for yet another turn of the lunar month. Starting NOW, your bank account may not have grown in size today, but your heart most definitely has. Don’t be a Grinch this holiday season, rainbows and bunnies, or not. Finally, it’s time to take stock in your accounts. Are you pay- ing them enough attention? Are there money leaks such as fees that you should NOT be paying, or a gym membership that you forgot about? Go ahead and sever those ties now. If there’s some- thing that you have been denying yourself that you now find that you can afford to allocate money to, feel free to re-prioritize. At the end of the day, choose to feel good about where your money is going. Choose to be elated when  About the Author Emily Marie David is your intuitive money coach. Creator of the 21 day Money Madness Bootcamp and the FairySong Wealth Activations, she uses her familial gifts to help you find your own intuition. With Emily's help, you can bust through your limiting beliefs, deep dive into money blocks, heal your past, and call in a brand new abundant future! Emily is an educator and bouncer in her off hours, so her no-excuses game is READY to help you quit spinning your wheels and get shift happening!    9