Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 5

Letter From the Editor There is no secret sauce… No one has all the answers. It can be easy to get swallowed up in all the advice when everyone is telling you they have the secret formula you need. You tend to get lost in your own overwhelm and impostor syndrome. Truth is, no one has all the answers. No one really can totally transform your business and your life. The only person who is even capable of this, is you! You are your own secret sauce and you are the only person who can literally pull the trigger and raise your vibration to a place of total success. When people tell me that I have to join their master class or that the reason I’m failing in business, which I’m not, is because I’m not using their secret formula. I’d like to just call bullshit right now. I can be a lifetime learner. I can have degrees, certifications and complete every training. Truth is the only thing that will matter is if I go out and execute. We are just real people trying to build our own empires. I fall down and I get back up. I celebrate too much and we definitely all put our pants on the same. The difference is that some of you are trying a little bit harder and putting on those boss pants. The rest of you are still out there searching for the magic bullet. It’s just like weight loss. Everyone is looking for the next easy pill, but in reality we all KNOW that it just takes some dedication and hard work. Stop going for the easy formula or buying into the secret sauce, if you are not going to put the hard work in on the back end. The online world is full of people celebrating their successes. You only see the best of everything. Keep in mind that it took a whole shit ton of effort to get that best piece of advice or photo out into the world. They never showed the photos of their bleeding fingers from typing day and night or the ring around their eyes. No one has ever tripped and just risen to the top. They clawed their way by being the best version of themselves AND they implemented everything they learned along the way. Stop being a victim of not knowing enough. Just find your tribe and then go out and execute. That’s the secret sauce you are looking for. It’s the grit, it’s the determination and it’s the glory that comes from knowing you did the work. There will be numerous people that do not make it that far. They jump off at level one when things got hard. You are not like that. You are the badass boss that knows how incredible the view is not only from the top, but along the entire way. You are among the elite who just tried a little harder than everyone else. Embrace your secret sauce and get shit done. XOXO, Samantha 4