Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 46

ways for my clients to connect with their audiences - not sipping bubbles on the patio. However, the similarities between marketing and wine tasting recently struck me while working with a client that had a LOT of passion for her business but NOT for marketing. It’s time to learn a thing or two in this enological exploration… and maybe make Marketing less like work and more like play in the process. So grab a glass and let’s jump in! need to create for my blog?” Knowing your audience gives you the answer! Bye-Bye Confusion, Hello Clarity! GOALS Say, for example, you’re hosting a BIG family dinner this holiday season, but your guests aren’t “wine people” and could care less whether you’re serving Krug or Korbel for the holiday toast. Let’s start at the beginning. When it comes to both marketing and wine, you want to start with a bit of strategy. In your business, you want to be clear on your goals and objectives before you start coming up with all sorts of strategies and tactics, right? No point spending hours debating Snapchat vs. Instagram if you don’t even know your business goals! It’s the same with wine. There’s no reason mull over pretty bottles of Rose if you’re trying to select a wine for a rich and indulgent steak dinner! You want to start with the end in mind. (Go with a Cabernet or Bordeaux Blend for the steak, by the way.) AUDIENCE So you know your goals, now what? In business, we pinpoint exactly who we want to reach and define a target audience or “avatar”. Once we know who we want to talk to it’s easy to answer all those tactical questions like, “Which social media platform should I use?” or “What content do I 45 But what does that have to do with wine, you ask? Knowing your audience when selecting a wine is also essential to a memorable and fun experience for all! (And in some case may help save your sanity and safeguard your budget.) Knowing your audience (e.g., their tastes, preferences, desires, dislikes) will help you pick a wine that will dazzle, delight and maybe even expand some palates without driving you up the wall or into the poor house! (Although I fully encourage you to stash a fancy bottle YOU love in the kitchen if you’re hosting the holidays this year! I speak from experience.) BRANDING Goals? Check. Audience? Check. Now what about your Brand? In business, Branding goes way beyond just our colors, logos or graphics. It’s about the entire customer experience and the emotional response your audience has when exposed to you and your brand. Yes, it’s the logo, website and social media profiles but it’s also the way you answer the phone,