Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 44

up. Then I noticed that twice a week additional emails come for gift basket requests. These emails were from promoters that are looking for companies to provide either sponsorships for charity events or to send product samples to be added to VIP gift bags. About the Author Now this is where it gets good for physical product companies. Sometimes these gift basket requests are for events like the Emmy gift suites, celebrity charity events, athlete charity events, etc. So if you meet the requirements for the theme of the event and the type of product, this might get your product into some important hands. Plus some of these request even include an opportunity to get you a picture of a celebrity holding your product. Yes just like that! So although you might not be able to get an exact name of a celebrity attending beforehand you might just get lucky to get someone. SOME ADDITIONAL TIPS: Make sure you respond to requests as quickly as possible to make sure you are considered and you don’t miss a deadline to submit. Only respond to requests where you product fits. Don’t waste someone’s time. Send your contact information with a link to a picture of your product as HARO emails don’t send through pictures. Now I can’t guarantee that getting your product into the hands of a celebrity will make sales start going crazy but it just might be worth a shot at someone loving your product and maybe giving you a shootout on social media. send product samples to be added to VIP gift bags. Heather Christian is a high energy, little nutty, entrepreneur that lives in San Diego with her husband, daughter, 2 crazy dogs and a cat that thinks she’s a dog. Heather loves helping new entrepreneurs navigate through the blogging, product launching, ecommerce, social media world that has taken her hundreds of hours to find her fun path.  43