Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 42

business, what drives you, how you do sales, what you absolutely rock at (and get help with the rest to fill the gaps in your arsenal) then that magic elixir hunt and draw to cunning sales-y, manipulative psychopaths and shiny objects dissolves like your morning pick-me-up berocca. About the Author Stop underestimating your knowledge, expertise or abilities and trust in your own gut that you can do this business gig and do it well. Reset your internal G.P.S. and you’ll get back control of this information overload in a snap. OK, so maybe you need to get a bit better at that due diligence shizzle to check out who you’re actually buying from, especially in the noisy online world, so you’re not being distracted by, or thoughtlessly jumping on the bandwagon of, those who happen to command the interwebs band-with with help from their (affiliated) biz buddies and no other real substance to back it up. If you feel the alarm bells going off and spot those psychopathic traits which set off all manner of red flags such as urgency and scarcity, then step the heck away, take a big deep breath and wait. Trust your gut badass, you’ve got this! Go forth and rock your business by surrounding yourself with like-minded folks who have your back and will pull you up by the pigtails if and when you need it. Lovely to have your precious time today. Go and make it a good one! Cat’s my name, profiling + sky-rocketing you + your business is my game. I’m the fiery redhead that knows more about you…than you! Consider me your willing accomplice for the crazy business career path you have chosen. I’ll hold your feet to the fire to get your shiznit done + borderline stalk you to make sure you get a badass boost for your business. In a previous life I headed up intelligence analysis for a national covert agency (wink, wink, say. no. more) but now I’m all over your business to uncover your sass, your business M.O. so you can stop being a sheep + start being the unique snowflake I know you are. Earl grey tea lover and real-life Lady of Glencoe don’t ya know. I love a Netflix sesh with a G&T on the couch as much as I la la love holding you accountable (that’s how I get my kicks). Disclaimer: I use UK English and Scottish colloquialisms so if you think you’ve spotted a typo take a deep breath and delete the badassery magazine email address from that email draft and go do something less boring instead. 41