Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 39

WHAT TO DO WHEN A DIGITAL TEAM MEMBER MAKES A MISTAKE by Laura Pennington I t can be frustrating and overwhelming to realize that one of your digital team members has made a mistake. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons that people end up firing a virtual assistant and being hesitant about outsourcing anything ever again. To begin with as online entrepreneurs, we are used to handling everything ourselves, but hopefully there will come a point when you can no longer do everything yourself and you may outsource portions of your business including social media management, content creation, graphic design, website development and many other aspects that are essential to running an online business today. If any of these tools or if any of these tasks are not in your zone of genius, then it’s strongly recommended that you hire somebody else to help you with them. However, this can be disconcerting when the person makes a mistake. Here is how to handle the situation- because guess what? It will happen. No one’s perfect, you included. STEP 1 HAND FIND AN IMMEDIATE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM AT In the heat of the moment you need to find the most effective and efficient solution. This may mean removing the task from the responsibility of the person to whom it was originally assigned. You may need to do it yourself or you may need to ask someone also in your team to step in and handle the situation. Bear in mind that an immediate solution is not a permanent one and it does not have to be perfect. For example, if the opt in on your website crashes and you don’t have time to redesign an entirely new opt in come up with a basic template that can sit there in the interim and get things fixed in a couple of days. Finding an immediate solution will dispel some of your anxiety around this situation and give you some more time to figure out a better solution and to begin investigating what’s involved in the next step. STEP 2 CLARIFY WHAT WENT WRONG There are any number of reasons why a task or a project may fall apart when it’s in the hands of someone else. Perhaps there is something going 38