Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 37

business power. Some of us aren’t quite ready to be that beacon of light but are open to being guided and others just dip their toe in from time to time waiting for that big inspiration or PUSH to set them straight on their path. About the Author For those of us lady bosses settled in that power, we have a responsibility to be mindful of it and to use it. Power is not given to you to keep for yourself. Because we hold power in our position as business owners, it is on us to set an example, to lead and to HELP others who have not yet claimed their power but are trying. No matter where you are in business, there is always something you can do to help another out. It is not how much you give of yourself only that you give and you give without expectation. Giving spreads like wildfire and you need to be the one who ignites it. It becomes a legacy of growth and great change. What we do now, for each other lays the foundation for a positive and prosperous future and who knows where we will be as women then. Our power lies beyond political party sides, race, culture and all society tries to divide us with. We are stronger than our Starbucks and cheap magazines, so let’s raise each other up and shine our lights as bright as we can. When we give, we are giving to the conscious collective and sharing in the accumulated energetic abundance and power that we co-create with other women. When we give, vR&Rvfr"bF6RVW"vVFvvRvRFB֖vGF&VBb7G&VwFvFW2BFFRvVvv6RgFW"vR&RvRvVvRvfRvRvfR6FBvR&R6WGFrWRf"FPVrv&2v&RvF6rW2vVvRvfRvPVW"V'G2WF'VF6RBgVfVBvVvRvfRvR6rFRVfW'6RW7BrvW&gVBvf6VBvR2vV&RࠤVfW"2VG&W&VWW"BƗ7F0R66vFbV'2WW&V6R6PV2VR7&VFRVFRVf&VG2'W6W76W2BƖfW7GW2vRFr&6RBVfW"2676FRfBgVV6W"wW'Rf"vPƗfrBDRƗ7F2&F72ࠦ&6VV&Ɨ726Рࠠ