Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 35

There it was- my truth. My alignment. Once I found my truth, I started signing clients again. I was aligned with my soul’s purpose, I felt good about what I was voicing, and this shifted my energy. And once my energy shifted, the results I desired came. creating the change you want to see. But most of all, be gentle with yourself and have patience. Coming into alignment with your truth is a journey, and you are doing the best you can. Loving you, Jess Are you feeling out of alignment? Here are some tips that will help: 1 TRY EVERYTHING. Then try some more. Growing your business is a trial and error process. You have to try different things to know what works for you and what doesn’t, what feels good and what doesn’t. Don’t think of anything as a failure because every single thing you try is getting you closer to where you want to be, even if it doesn’t look like it at first. Just start exploring things you’re curious about and see what sticks. There’s nothing you can do that’s “wrong”, so don’t worry about fucking anything up. 2 Follow your intuition. Your answers are always inside of you. If you’re feeling confused or a little “off”, do a self check-in. How do you feel physically? Relaxed and energized, or tired and tight? How do you feel emotionally? Light a ^]Y ܈[[\[\]Y[\[Z][ۈ\›ZH[\[\ˈ]۸&]Y\[\ܛۙ˂‚\H[H[[X]]Yۚ]\[\[’Y[H۸&]Y[YX][\Y\YKۙH[H[ ][\][K[XYو[HۈوX\]\X\YH]\[ \[\[]SH[ 8'۸&]\]HܛYYˈ\]XZ\[BYH[]K[] X]\H]HܛYY\[H]HYH[]K'H R\\X[ ˈ]\[\\[X]HH\و[\YBY\YK܈[۝H\YZY]]BPSH[Y[X]\۸&][Y[][H[&]H[\\Y H[^\[XH[[X]\[ˈH\BܛۙX][HZ[[\\Y8)[[H\HH][X][^\[ۈق[\] [[[[H^Hو[BXX[[\X[\ˈYZ[][\][KY][H[^\[^H[][]H\][B۸&]]][H[ [H]][H\Kœ\Z[H\ۈ[H[Hˈ\X]H]]܂YXY[H\Z[[Y][YBXK[x&Y]\[Kx&\[\X]ق\[Z\[H\\]]^HY[œ\]X[]H[H\YKHX[YBH[HXX\[ M[ܝHY\X[YBH\YYYYHX \\YX\[\[\\[]H]ܚX\][\[BX\[\]X\H[X]]Y][Hۛ[Hܛ [HH][X\H M\ۈ[ˈ\HX[Y[܋\[Y[[\[]\][X˜HXX[[H\[۝[[ۘ[[X\][\X\[\X]HܙB\][\]X[X\[KHX[]X\ \\HX[X[ H[XY\Hš\Y]][X]H[Y\H\][\[\XHX\[]\وX[H]\Y\YKH\[H]\[]\[]HݙHو\YH[[HZ\][\[ݙHۈHXH]\8']܂[x'HYۜ˂˚\؛[KB+H;"H;#