Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 34

ALIGNMENT By JESS BLANCHE W hat is alignment? How do I even know when I’m aligned? Have you wondered about this? I used to ask these questions and recently got a BIG, BOLD answer from the Universe. Here’s what happened… I launched my coaching practice in March of this year, and like any new entrepreneur, my business was steadily growing but not as fast as I had hoped. This left me frustrated, especially since all I was seeing online were other entrepreneurs talking about their 10k months and how you too, could have 10k months… I felt like I must be doing something wrong and like I was the only one not getting the results I desired. I knew that there had to be other people out there feeling the way I was, and I also whole-heartedly believe that there is no onesize-fits-all way to success, so I started speaking out about the way others were marketing. My very first Facebook post about this, which essentially said that everyone else’s rules are bullshit, got over 30 comments and 200 likes. I was floored. People were pouring into my Facebook group. I was being flooded with private messages and booking tons of discovery calls. I was invited on podcasts and to guest blog. It was like my business blew up overnight. And so I thought, “This message isn’t being voiced by anyone else, and people obviously need to hear it, so I’ll run with it.” Over the following two months I was loud and proud about being a rebel. I fiercely voiced the message that you can play 33 by your own rules and find success on your own terms, and my online community continued to explode. But something was off. Everyone seemed to love what I was saying, but it wasn’t translating financially. I looked like a huge success online, but in reality I hadn’t signed a client in two months. I had to stop and ask myself WTF was going on, and that’s when it hit me. I wasn’t aligned with my message or how I was voicing it. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong at first, I just knew it didn’t feel right. After some soul searching, I realized that the reason I wasn’t feeling aligned was because my message is one of love, and I wasn’t coming from a place of love. I was coming from a place of finger pointing, calling people out, and ranting. Yes, my business grew because I had a message with fierce energy, but it wasn’t an energy I am now all that proud of. The moment I came to this conclusion, I changed everything. I still believe that you can find success on your own terms, but I shifted the way I was talking about it. I started promoting what I loved instead of bashing what I didn’t. My message was kinder and ultimately led to what my true message was always meant to be- that the foundation of your life, business, and manifesting your desires is SELF ACCEPTANCE.