Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 33

wouldn’t be disturbed. Eventually, in the depths of my sleep deprivation, I started to shift my focus to making changes. I had to stop chasing solutions, and be my own solution. Baths were always therapeutic for me, but I lacked a structured routine or ritual that combined relaxation with wellness and mindfulness. So I started there. I began meditating while taking a 20-minute, warm salty soak with essential oils. The holistic impact on my body and spirit was astonishing, and this had big payoffs in every facet of my life. (Hello, better sleep, bye-bye stress, anxiety, aches, pains, and mind clutter.) I knew at the moment that I didn’t need any external source to plug into for my dose of positive vibes, it was within me. My tub became my sacred space, readily available to restore balance, to ground me, and to completely recharge me -- body, mind, and spirit. How badass is that?! circulation, and much more. But the best part is, a mindful soak ritual like this allows you to take control of your own life, to quiet your mind, and live life more fully, and presently…. Like the badass you are. About the Author That’s when I discovered I wanted to help crazy-busy women everywhere to develop a way to make their self-care hassle free and affordable, to have a luxurious experience that made them feel great inside and out, but most importantly guiltfree about doing it! So, if you are reading this and feel depleted, or your mind is racin [\H\ݙ\ܚY [B][&]\[܈[H\[\[HYY[X[Y[[\ۈ\][Έ][\]X]H\H] Y[\Y]Z[\[[[Zˈ[H[H\H][[H]\]H\]\[[B[K[Y\NH[HݙKH[HY H[H[Y X]KX]H[]]]KX]H][][]\Y]]H܈ZY[[HۋۙHق^H]ܚ]H][\Y\H\Z[\[[[\\^H[X\H]X[ 8'H\H܈[][\[]\X] X\܈HXK'BH][Z[H[X\H]X[ZH\ۙK][[H[][ۈHH[]ܛ[[B[[ٛܛ\[\Z[] ]\[[\Y[[[\[[H[Z]Y[[\[X[[Z[[][]K\HX[[\وH[]\[]›][H[\K\[\\\[›Z[\[YXH\[[H][[\ݙB[ZHX\H\Hۙ][YHSHܚ[X\[Z[[[H™\ݙ\YH\^HZH\Hو\[^\Y[\ۈ]XH\Y[H] HH[۝HXܚ\[ۈ\XB][]\^\[\[X\HXY\ž[\ܜ\ ˜[X] B+H;#̂