Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 30

Find someone influential in your local area, or on social media and genuinely connect with them. Go into the meeting without expectations, or you’ll both likely end up disappointed. You may not receive any referrals or financial benefit straight away but as you nourish and develop your connection to that person, you’re more likely to find opportunities for mutual success & inspiration. 4. IGNORE THE NEGATIVE NANCYS In every mum-group I have been to, it seems there is always someone that does not approve of my choice to build my business from home with the twins around. Because they are super busy with one child and no business, they assume I must be either a bad parent or shitty coach - because how can you possibly do both well? So whatever you do, don’t let anyone else’s small-minded BS get you down and doubting your mad skills! Remember, what they say actually says more about them than it does you! If someone makes you feel less than the inspiring, trailblazer that you are - consider if you really need them in your life. I know this is a toughie when family is involved, but in business (and motherhood!) its so vitally important to surround yourself with people that support and lift you up. 5. FILL YOUR OWN CUP FIRST AND GIVE FROM THE OVERFLOW Finally, and most important of all is to nourish yourself, mind, body & soul as your number ONE priority! As a mum it is so easy to let the humdrum of daily life get in the way, but I promise you; you will be a better mother, wife, friend & BOSS if you fill your own cup first and give from the overflow! Schedule in timeout in your calendar as an absolute non-negotiable. Do whatever you need to get 29 it in each and every week, so that you feel energised & ready to take on the world. Whether you just sit and read a good book, soak in a bath, catch a yoga class, hit the gym or get a mani-pedi, make it something that fills up your cup. So, there you have it! My top 5 tips for surviving (and thriving!) in the life as a Mumpreneur. It’s not easy, you’ll make tonnes of mistakes along the way, but never forget that by getting back up every time you fall, you inspire your children to never give up. About the Author Kirsty is a twin-mumpreneur from the central heart of Australia. She’s a certified holistic health coach and crazy passionate about educating and empowering women about health & wellness. Kirsty has a very flexible approach to coaching with clients from all over Australia and abroad. She helps clients lose weight, restore energy, improve skin and most importantly - to take back their power when it comes to making decisions about their families health! She is a no BS advocate for real food, essential oils and mindset reprogramming to help inspire women escape fad diets, restrictive meal plans or weight loss gimmicks - permanently. On her website you won’t find any controversial fluff or impossibly long recipes. Just simple, reproducible meals for the whole family and easy mindset and lifestyle hacks to make the healthy option, the easy & affordable choice. 