Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 29

Stepping into the realms of entrepreneurial badassery is an incredibly rewarding, scary and challenging thing to do. But when you add motherhood on top of that - you really do take it to the next level! I have been a business startup both without and then again with kids. My first business was a 5 year investment of blood, sweat and tears that ultimately crashed and burned. But out of the ashes I discovered my true passion in health & wellbeing and even though I started this business with newborn twins - it has already been a bigger success story than my old business ever was. For all the mumpreneurs out there, here are my top tips for finding the perfect harmony between mum duties and business so you can flourish in both worlds! 1. BE A NAP TIME NINJA! Above all else, working as a ‘Mumprenuer’ challenges you to really honour and respect your TIME. I used to lose hours, days and even weeks on other blogs, Googling tips to grow my business, signing up for countless online courses, webinars and workshops. I lost so much time searching for that ‘one trick’ that would suddenly make me a squillionaire that I had so many unfinished projects all at once that I was stressed out, running 100 miles an hour but getting absolutely nowhere. So, use nap times wisely and as soon as their little peepers close, get yourself a good cuppa and settle in for work. Leave the domestic duties for when they’re awake - they might even help out! 2. EAT YOUR FROGS FIRST… By that I don’t mean chow down on a helpless amphibian! Rather, when you do get the opportunity to build your business: do the most important, least fun task FIRST. You know, the kind of task that you’ve been procrastinating about for weeks! By eating your ‘frogs’ first, you’ll crank up productivity, curb procrastination AND you’ll get to look forward to the ‘fun’ stuff as a reward. 3. AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE! Some days the twins happily ransack their bedroom together and give me time to catch up. Other days, I spend couch-bound with grumpy teething bubbas in need of constant attention. My worklife balance is 100% in their tiny hands, so to keep all bases covered when I am stuck watching ‘The Wiggles’ for the 300th time, I have set as much of my online business to autopilot as I can comfortably manage. If you haven’t already done so, automate your repetitive daily tasks wherever possible; eg online payments, content scheduling, pre-made email templates… Anything you can take off your ‘to do’ list! 3. COLLABORATE. One of the biggest mistakes I made in my first business was getting stuck in the mindset of having to ‘do it all’ myself. Totally nuts. If you really want to grow your business (quickly!), find like-minded businesses that you can work with. The biggest successes I have had in my health coaching career have been through the relationships I have developed and our collaborative projects - I cannot recommend this enough! 28