Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 20

physical self starts to change. Naked meditation is powerful, because you go back to how you were when you were born. It’s like stripping off ego and returning to your core self. ACTIONABLE STEP: Meditate. Set the mood (with pillows, candles, or whatever strikes your fancy). Sit upright. Breathe. Let your stomach fill with air with each breath. Focus on the rise and fall of your chest or the sound of your breathing. There is more than one way to meditate. Experiment and find something that makes you feel good. 5. GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY Say what, now? Yes, you’ll be able to take in more vitamin D if you do it naked. And vitamin D is a great mood and immune system booster. You could just go outside naked for a good 10 to 15 minutes. I don’t know how your house is set up or if your backyard offers you some privacy. If you can’t play outside at your house, you could go to places where nudity is allowed, once you feel comfortable doing so. When I was in Japan two Christmases ago, I went to an onsen with some of my childhood friends. “Onsen” is what the Japanese call “hot springs.” It’s a place filled with gender-specific baths, and, of course, you have to be naked. The one we went to was beautiful. It was like being in the Garden of Eden, pre-Fall, circa that time when there was nothing shameful about our sexual organs. Picture being outside under the sun, in a pool of hot water, surrounded by trees. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? The Japanese speak of “naked communion,” and I really felt that my girls and I shared a special moment. The conversation flowed; it was revelatory and judgment-free. There is something about shedding physical layers that enables you to open up. 19 ACTIONABLE STEP: There are hot springs/clothing-optional resorts in America. You could look into finding one in your area. If you want to get a little more active, you could look into the World Naked Bike Ride. 6. SAY YOUR AFFIRMATIONS Words are powerful; they have the power to shape the way we view ourselves. Say something nice to yourself every chance you get. When I lived in Macau, my house was filled with positive affirmations on sticky notes. I placed them on the areas I looked at on the daily, like the front door, the fridge, my closet, etc. I’ve become my best friend, and I tell myself that I love myself every chance I get. In order to truly see our beauty, we must see beyond our physical appearance. I see my character, with all my flaws, but I know there is something wonderful inside this house. When your house has a crack, you don’t start hating the family that lives inside, do you? ACTIONABLE STEP: Set aside time to look at your naked body in the mirror, and tell yourself what you love about yourself. Tell yourself that you are well, smart, and loved. Do it every day, and tell me if your feelings towards yourself don’t change. 7. TOUCH YOURSELF This point kind of touches on the first one. But, this time, I want you to see with your hands. There is great power in touch. Touch can lower blood pressure, y’all. I couldn’t seem to find research on self-touch. If you Google “the benefits of touching yourself,” all you’ll see are articles on self-pleasure, which is great, but not exactly what I was looking for. This step doesn’t require you to touch your privates or any area that arouses you. I mean, touch your arms, your legs, chest, etc.