Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 16

This is not a negative. It is a simple fact that YOU are the centre of your universe. You have the ability in the palm of your hands to create, to evolve into the most empowering individual you choose to be. And what better way to open up your world, than by opening yourself up to new experiences, new cultures, new challenges that your comfort zone will never ever provide you. I have learned so much about the people and culture I am now part of every day (and yet still I am still very much a “laowai” or foreigner). Of even more value, I have learned so much about me, my beliefs, my perspectives, my values. I would never have had this learning opportunity if I stayed in my comfort zone. Taking my business to a new country, and then online, presented huge challenges. In a new country, I now have to listen more, and not just to the words being spoken! I have to actually practice what I preach to enable me to communicate at so many different levels, and demonstrate flexibility to lessen misunderstanding and confusion. I have learnt that there is never just “one way” of FrFw0BFBגv2fW'gFVBFR&vBvfRF&VǒFW'2&V2FB&WfW6ǒfRv2FVBgVVFW'7FFr@6G&FW2Ɩ6W2WF2fRFfvBגvখW"fVVƖw2bW7F6R6W6BWVƗGFR6'BFW&v27FfW'Vvv&BfRBFVW7FFR7GVVr`FRv&G2FVw&GBW7Gv&BvW&PFW6RFw2&R6VV6FW2bw&WB&6BvFRƗfRv&BvW&R&VWG26FVWvW&R7B&RBFW&W7FVBFvvpFVWW"FfBFR&VƗGWfVvVFWF氧FW&RFrW7FǒFB6VG''V'6G&B6B&Vp&722vRWr&vRVR&R6FFVBF6WFVǒFffW&VB֖G6WBFB0FFǒ6FRg&גFV7&F2W'&vrआW&RVR7G'VvvRFRFV662FV vFW&R&R6f'F&RvF&VrF@vBFFFW7G'VvvRF7VWB&WBFV G'VRfVVƖw2GFW"rV6RFVFVЧFW&Rv&R&WW&7W762FWvWBbFV vFRR( FR&7>( fVVvBWfVvVPBfVV2666W&RFRW&R&W76&ƗG0F&v&VBƖRBFFvFRvFrF6F6BBFRvW'6BF22ǒFR&VvrfW"V'2W&PBǒ&'V&rFvƲfRW@F'VVBVגWrv&BBrFBf&WfW"Wffrv7FW"FP62F&VvvRBbFV6R&7F6R@W'6WfW&6RrvFFbFV'2fV'2@熖WGrFRvञ( fgGW2Ɨfr6BU2FF&B72&WBFRWF גR2FW'6B6V6fPVFF6W"v2VW&RffGf w&W2bF&VR7W'&VFǒƗfR榖r6vFגW6&BG&rFV2'W6W726V6F6gB62BVFW'6fR&VV'W6W72f"fW"3V'2B66rf"66RFRV'2ג762&R6VbFWfVVB6V6FB66rFW'2F6WfRFRƖfRFWFW6&RF( B6VWV6&V6W6Rג'&267FFǒG&V֖rWWrGfVGW&W2Wr2@WrFV2( fRvfVW&6RfRFv&&BB&B࠮ɀ