Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 13

of receiving a unique surprise box every month instead of classifying the type of woman is aimed for. About the Author This means a joyful box could be for any woman no matter if she is single or married, if she has children, if she is a business woman or a stay at home mom. We are including only cruelty free brands and as a beauty lover I can tell it is a big commitment not to be tempted just for something fancy but show that we truly care. We also include a handcrafted item in every month. By doing this not only we support artisans but we also get our customers to try unique products and present an offer that cannot be found in most big beauty boxes. And finally we also provide a touch of lifestyle by adding one item in this category like scarves, books, coloring books, candles, bath and body related items. I have been exhausted for the last 3 months working on this project but I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to do something that I truly love. And I hope that Miss Blanco Joyful box could be not just a beauty brand but a community where women gather together and empower each other. My name is Yoanella. I am a 40 years Old Spanish/Dominican woman living in Canada. I am a mother of 2 children: Yoanella, 14 and Dorian, 5. I am a proud wife of an amazing Portuguese man. I have lived in Dominican Republic, Spain, England, US and Canada. Between my 4 siblings and me we live in 4 different countries of 3 continents. I have wor