Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 12

W hen I was in College I used to cut newspaper ads of the Companies I wanted to work for. I created an idea of what my perfect career would look like and I was very lucky back then to land a job waiting for me right after finishing College. I wanted to travel the world and meet new people. And I got to do that for 13 years in three great Companies. I got to meet famous people including European Royal family members, Spanish politicians including 2 Prime Ministers, writers, actors, singers, soccer players and influencers. At the beginning, it was all exciting and I enjoyed that life to the full. I used to extend some of my trips with a couple of extra personal days in cities like New York, London or Milano. Last years were not as fun as before, mainly because as a mother I was missing so much in my daughter’s life and family day to day by traveling 50% of the time all year around. When I was a mother for the second time at 35, I took some time off to reflect on my career and dedicate more time to my family and for the first time ever I considered working from home in my own business. Back then I was living in US where my son was born. Due to personal circumstances since then we moved back home to Spain for 2 years, then back to my homeland in Dominican Republic when I divorced from my first husband for a year and a half and December will be one year since our arrival to Canada. Every time we have moved, I have had to adjust my business to the market or make it up with new clients for the ones that didn’t want to continue working just online. This has been an extra challenge because every market has a different behav11 ior and it has been like starting from zero every time. When I moved to Canada I didn’t feel like looking for more Marketing clients and I didn’t have the network to enter the market. I always had a passion for beauty and lifestyle but I couldn’t think of how converting that into a profitable business as I couldn’t see myself as a makeup artist or stylist. I decided to invest enough time in doing my own market research. I investigated about all the aspects and different related businesses and as a beauty box junky myself I found a great idea and validate it through questionnaires and further investigation. This step is very important, sometimes what we think or believe doesn’t validate an idea. We have to make sure that there is a demand for us to open our business on the first place. My partner was very supportive of my idea, which has been extremely important for me because starting a new business in an unknown market requires a lot of dedication both in terms of time and investment. I haven’t spent much to start but obviously I haven’t had an income during the market research an pre-launch of my business. This project is by far the most exciting and hardest business adventure I have been involved up to now. It is a very complicated business, at least for the ones like me that have been only used to sell services instead of products. The business has a lot of details to be considered like logistics, suppliers, shipping, branding, customer service, insurance… the list is never ending. But I have a vision of offering a box with a different approach that most of the boxes in the market. We differentiate ourselves by concentrating in the feeling of joy