Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 11

Do you know where your peeps hangout online? About the Author What other brands they follow? Their hopes, fears, desires? And the best question to ask — is how does YOUR product, service, or offering help them fulfill this desire? The answer to this question will inform your copy-writing for your visual marketing campaign, especially your “calls-to-action.” Then - you schedule it - having an automation program to share your content is going to be KEY for you to get your work out consistently, and effectively. Plus, it’ll help you keep your sanity in the process. FINAL THOUGHTS: The most important lesson I learned about business in 2016? CONSISTENCY IS KEY. And so is having a plan. It’s better to show up consistently in your imperfection, than to wait, thinking to yourself that everything has to look and feel “perfect” before you let the world see your amazingness. We are ALL a constant work in progress - we grow, we evolve, we fail, and we show up and do it all over again. And the best way to find success — is to get comfortable failing fast. So get out there, take action, feel the fear, and do it anyway! Hugs + high fives! xo Amanda Hi, I e9酰ѽɅȰ)٥ՅɭѥɅѕи$ٕȵɽݥչݡɔ$ѕ̰)̰ݔɥɕɕ)ѡѼ٥ͥͭ́ͅ)Ѽեȁ٥Յɕ͕%)ԁɔɕѼɽ܁ȁɥեɔ)ȁ̰ͥЁ)ѽѡ'eȁ)酰(+2822H((0