Badassery Magazine Issue 7 December - Page 10

5 STEPS TO CREATE A MARKETING CAMPAIGN THAT CONVERTS STEP 1: PLAN YOUR CONTENT This is the single most important step in the process. You need create a plan of action. For example: are you doing general planning for the entire quarter? Or are you prepping for a specific launch, offering, or event? Once you know exactly WHAT you are offering, then you can begin to flesh out your plan — possible options may include: blog posts, guest blogs, Facebook ads, Facebook graphics, Facebook live, webinars, Instagram, affiliate marketing — the list goes on. (PS. If you want some help planning for 2017, be sure to stay tuned until the end of this article where you can grab a free Visual Marketing Calendar to help you get started!) STEP 2: HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY High quality photos not only elevate a brand, but they make it appear professional and build your “know-like-trust” factor with your audience. Even if you’re just starting your business, high quality 9 photos can elevate your brand and make it look like you’ve been in the game for years. STEP 3: GRAPHICS Whether you are promoting via a blog post, sharing on Instagram, or selling on Facebook ads Beautiful, on-brand graphics that convey solid design principles are a MUST for any successful visual marketing plan. You can combine both a killer photo + design a stunning graphic for maximum impact. STEP 4: VIDEO Showing your face on camera - whether it be Facebook live, webinars, live workshops, or YouTube — is one of the quickest ways to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Are you afraid to be in front of the camera? You aren’t alone. My #1 tip for busting through the video fears? Just do it. The more you do it and allow yourself to fail fast, the quicker you’ll be able to laugh at yourself, and start getting more comfy in front of the camera. STEP 5: SHARING Boo-ya! All the above efforts will mean nothing if you don’t get your content in front of the right audience.