Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 9

A s an entrepreneur the foundation for a lasting business is mindset mastery. You see, from the very start of business building those little pesky mindset gremlins begin to creep up. You start having thoughts like… Am I good enough? Will people believe me? Can I really charge that much? What if I fail? The funny thing is, no matter what level of business you are in there will be new gremlins that plague you. You know what they say “new level, new devil”. Whether you are earning $2 or $200k you will run into mental roadblocks that can stop you dead in your tracks. You see, lack of mindset mastery leads to lack of confidence. And there is simply no room for lack of confidence in the entrepreneur game, period! Now for some, the gremlins get so loud that they just throw in the towel. They simply quit and never get to see what they could have done or who they could have been. Others may avoid stepping out on social media or even attending networking events because they don’